The Swedish CS star was VAC-banned – but everything was a mistake

Late last week, a surprising message came when one of Fnatic’s CS stars, Freddy “Krimz” Johansson, announced via Twitter that his account had been VAC banned.

Being VAC-banned is named after Valves, the founders of the game, anti-cheating system and means that you have violated CS: GO’s rules regarding cheating or use third-party applications that disrupt the anti-cheating program. It can in some cases be the end of a professional career and is usually difficult to recall, if it is possible to recall at all.

When the Fnatic player “Krimz” was banned, other players also noticed that they also got a VAC ban. After much turbulence, it turned out that there was trouble between Esportals, a well-used third-party platform for playing CS: GO matches, anti-cheating systems and the previously mentioned VAC.

All is well after Esportal contacted CS: GO to sort out the problems between the programs. On Tuesday, most of the players who have been affected should have regained access to their accounts and can now continue to play, and this also applies to Krimz, who wrote a tweet that he was free.