The Swedish game developer is shaken by accusations of bullying

It is now well known that problematic work environments, especially abusive treatment of women, are common in the gaming industry. Developer after developer is revealed to have silenced incidents with managers who either bullied or sexually harassed female employees.

Activision Blizzard is just the latest major example of that, and now the turn has also come to Swedish companies, reports Breakit. More specifically, Paradox Interactive, which has just over 400 employees spread among three offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Umeå.

It is the unions Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer who together have carried out an employee survey at the company, with alarming results. 133 people responded to the survey and of these, 44 percent answered that they had been treated abusively. Among men, the figure was 33 percent, while as many as 69 percent of female respondents answered yes to the question.

The answers show that many employees see it as Paradox has a culture of silence and that managers are held by the management.

The report was presented to Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud and HR Manager Marina Hedman last Wednesday, and on the same day the company announced that Ebba Ljungerud was leaving her post with immediate effect. The new CEO is Fredrik Wester, who owns a large part of the company and has been chairman of the board.

Fredrik Wester, Ebba Ljungerud and Paradox’s press department unanimously say that the change of CEO is not related to the employee survey but was a decision Ebba Ljungerud had already made.

The company tells Breakit that it will bring in an outside company to review its processes and conduct a new, more comprehensive employee survey.