The Swedish survival game Valheim early access will make its debut in February

This summer we were introduced to Valheim, a new Conan Exiles-scented survival game by Swedish Iron Gate, in collaboration with the similarly Swedish publishers Coffee Stain. And now we have a new, astung trailer, which reveals that the game debuts in early access via Steam in two weeks, Tuesday 2 February.

Iron Gate predicts that the early access period will be “at least one year”, and adds that the not yet announced price tag will “likely” increase during the early access period. “Most Planned Core Features” will be implemented as early as the first early access release, including single-player and multiplayer modes, and tools for dedicated, player-created servers. Currently, five of nine planned biomes, about 280 different objects, 120 building blocks for buildings and 35 different types of creatures were included.

Here is the early access trailer for Valheim.