The Tiktok clone Zynn is removed from the App Store

Update (2020-06-16):

The hugely popular Zynn app has now been removed from both the App Store and Google Play, reports The Verge.

The reasons why Zynn gets red light from Apple and Google are several. First, much of the content of the app has been stolen from other services, including Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. Secondly, the app is similar to a pyramid scheme, as users are attracted with greater rewards the more people they can recruit for the service.

According to Zynn, the rules do not violate the rules, but a total conversion is required before the app is allowed to return on the App Store and Google Play.

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Previously (2020-05-30):

Tiktok seems to have acquired a new competitor in the form of the video app Zynn, which has now managed to top the App Store in the US, reports The Verge.

The app that was released in early May must have succeeded in this, among other things by paying users to register, enroll members and watch videos.

Zynn is a clone of Tiktok that has copied the app’s function and user interface but the difference is that as users watch videos, a timer is filled with points. The points are then claimed to be exchanged for various rewards, such as money and gift cards.

The developer behind Zynn is the Chinese startup Kuaishou, which Tencent recently invested about SEK 19 billion. The Zynn app has previously used the same tactic of paying users in China. The app’s revenue is then based on selling ads.

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