The United States removes Xiaomi from its blacklist

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Xiaomi was previously blacklisted by the US, but now there is new information that the US has lifted this and that Xiaomi can start doing business in the US again.

For some years now, the United States has been harsh on Chinese manufacturers and blacklisted many of them, one of which is Xiaomi, which was blacklisted because the United States suspected that Xiaomi had been controlled by the Chinese military.

But Xiaomi thought this was some kind of fabrication and then chose to sue the United States and was clear that they have no connection whatsoever with the military in China.

Now it seems that Xiaomi and the US are in agreement as information has come from sources Bloomberg that it is free for Xiaomi to do business with companies in the US, now the question is whether other companies will also be “forgiven” such as Huawei for example.