The virtual mouse game will return in spring 2022!

After discovering it during the last State of Play last July, Moss: Book II unveils its worldwide release date!

Polyarc has indeed finally lifted the veil on the availability date of the game Moss Book 2 on PSVR. Lovers of the little Quill mouse will be able to travel with it, in the spring of 2022. WHAT gives you time if, by chance, you had not yet done the first part.

License to Quill

Moss: Book II obviously continues the story of the first Moss game, released in 2018 and sold over 1 million copies. It remains one of the best rated VR games to date. So the story is on, once again … Here is what awaits us here below, according to the synopsys … “After having saved his uncle Argus, Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant stalking him within the enchanted castle where his uncle was held captive “.

But of course, the mischievous Quill has her own plan. A foolproof plan, which could finally end the ruthless reign of the Arcane and save the world from a great disaster. On the program, we are told “a dangerous environment, difficult puzzles and enemies twisted in fire and steel”. All this to tell us that, I quote “the journey will be grueling, filled with triumphs and heartbreak, but new allies, old friends and the very nature of the castle will be able to help it along the way.” Reassuring…

The Quilliennes animations of Moss Book 2

As you can see from the video above, and released recently, Quill’s animations have been greatly improved. It is in the company of Richard Lico, the animation director, that you will learn more about the subject. After all, it is an extremely important part of a video game that is explained here. Be careful, however, because the video in question lasts 1h10 minutes. If you have time, between two parties.


Remember for those who do not yet know that Polyarc is made up of industry veterans. According to the established formula. Thus, the Polyarc team is made up of developers with deep experience working on well-known AAA licenses such as Destiny, Halo, Red Dead Redemption and Guild Wars. For the rest, we will obviously judge on the piece …