The Wavelengths DLC is already illustrated in video

Gamers bemoaning the delays of Life is Strange Remastered Collection and the Switch version of Life is Strange True Colors were told with a pleasant surprise, however. The promised DLC trailer for this new authentically colored episode has arrived safely.

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Not yet released, Life is Strange True Colors is already seeing its first downloadable content slated to hit the ground running. Deck Nine Games has indeed a little rab for those and those who would like to know more about one of the characters of Life is Strange Before the Storm who will sign his return as “love interest”.

DJ Bourdon

Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths will serve as a prequel to the adventures of Alex Chen Haven Springs. In the shoes of Steph Gingrich frankly arrives in this pretty village, you will acclimatize to the job of DJ of the local radio, KRCT, during four seasons. You’ll choose records, provide advice to listeners, master a role-playing game, entertain on a dating app, and learn about the Hidden Girl in the Hat Pass.

And everything has on a well-caliber soundtrack, with tracks from artists like Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Foals, Hayley Kiyokoou Maribou State, which our dear Thomas must know like the back of his hand.

Available with Deluxe and Definitive editions of Life is Strange True Colors, Wavelengths will be available September 30 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia – later on the Switch, which won’t host the base game on September 10.