The web hall starts with free shipping for everyone

Webhallen logo

The web hall now announces that it will offer free home deliveries and this to all customers, better than Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime has just been launched in Sweden, which means that they offer free delivery and deliveries on the weekends, but to get access to this you have to pay SEK 59 a month.

The web hall does not want to be worse now and offers free home delivery to EVERYONE, whether you are a member or not, they also do not require a monthly fee.

The web hall itself writes the following:

The web hall has free shipping on all delivery methods! With our delivery partners Instabox, Budbee and Airmee, we can also in many cases deliver packages on the same day. Enter your postal code at checkout to see how we can deliver to your home. Read about resp. delivery method below to see when you can get your package. Applies to the entire range!

It will be interesting if more stores in Sweden will offer free home deliveries, it feels like more and more people want to compete with Amazon Prime instead of working with them.