The Xbox Series is outselling the PS5 in several territories

Microsoft Gaming and its Xbox Series are off to a flying start in 2022 with a record quarter. The manufacturer has managed to outpace PS5 sales over the first three months.

The financial results season is launched with the first 2022 report from Microsoft Gaming. The Redmond firm is doing well, very well even, thanks to the Xbox Series.

The Xbox Series take over the PS5

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, took the microphone to distribute good news to shareholders. Most notable of all is that the company has gained market share for two consecutive quarters, and in this first quarter of 2022, the Xbox Series have been the best-selling next-gen consoles in the West. In front of the PS5 (version with or without disc player).

Thanks to our Xbox Series X|S consoles, we gained market share for the second consecutive quarter. And in this quarter, we are the market leader for next-generation consoles in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Year-over-year, Microsoft’s “hardware” portion, which accounts for 20% of Xbox revenue, grew 14%. Sales rose 6% to $3.74 billion. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the green brand is having its best quarter in its history, outside the Christmas period.

The PlayStation 5 does not finally attract players? No, but it suffers greatly from its unavailability, more than the Xbox Series which is more often in stock, and is systematically selling out at breakneck speed. Added to this is the greater ease of producing Series S, Microsoft’s secret weapon. Knowing that the shortage is still important, it is likely that the manufacturer will continue this breakthrough.

Services in progress, thank you Game Pass

Xbox Series taking on colors, but what about services? The “software and services” division is also up 4% compared to the first quarter of 2021. One of the contributors to this growth is none other than the Xbox Game Pass. In January, the service claimed 25 million subscribers.

Microsoft also specifies that more than 10 million people have tried games via cloud gaming. An important part of the Xbox strategy since in the future, titles specially developed for streaming will be announced.