the zelda-like is available in the Xbox Game Pass

Available on Xbox consoles and PC, the zelda-like Tunic is entering Xbox Game Pass. A launch trailer celebrates the release and this good news.

Tunic, the tribute game to Zelda and other 16-Bit era productions, is finally released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. And surprise, the adventure concocted by the Canadian Andrew Shouldice is also available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

A surprise launch on the Microsoft service

Tunic was unveiled at E3 2018 but after a lot of hard work, developer Andrew Shouldice can finally take a breather.

A few years ago, we unveiled Tunic on the E3 2018 stage, during the Xbox conference. It was a big moment for us as publishers and for Andrew Shouldice, who at the time was playing the roles of game designer, developer, level designer, artist, animator and tester for Tunic.

In the nearly four years that followed, Tunic grew in quite an amazing way. The development team and the game itself have grown and thousands of new fans have shared their excitement with us. We invite you today to discover Tunic and its secrets on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and in Xbox Game Pass.

said Harris Foster, senior community manager at Finji, which publishes the game. In 2015, while he was working at Silverback Productions, Andrew Shouldice left everything to bet on a quasi-solo title. And it has obviously paid off since the tests are so far positive. Proof is with ours, it’s a gem.

But the best thing is still to make up your mind by buying the game. It is displayed at €29.99 on the Microsoft Store and €27.99 on Steam… and is therefore available in the Xbox Game Pass.

Tunic: a cute but also difficult adventure

In Tunic, you play as a very brave fox who will have to deal with not-so-obvious bosses and survive environmental traps, in an action-adventure game in isometric 3D view. Death will be part of the experience.

Stranded in a world in the throes of chaos, and armed only with your curiosity, you will face colossal creatures, collect objects that are as strange as they are powerful, and unlock secrets that have been forgotten since the dawn of time.

The little animal is equipped with a simple sword and its strength will come mainly from your ability to chain the blows, parries and dodges well, by controlling the timing of these actions. However, you will still have bombs available and upgrades. The title also contains an instruction manual full of tips to help you find secrets, identify enemies… The pages of this manual are scattered throughout the world of Tunic and you will therefore need to obtain them.

Tunic was released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and in Xbox Game Pass.