TheA500 Mini has a release date and finishes unveiling its FULL line-up!

Here is a piece of information of the utmost importance, which had gone somewhat unnoticed by US. Here is the bad repaired, if I can put it this way … Retro Games has announced that the THEA500 Mini, a completely reimagined official version of the Amiga computer, is now entering production and is scheduled for release on March 25, 2022!

You read that right, the aminches. Announced last August, by the very late Plume, TheA500 Mini is supposed to be a tiny machine that will make you revert to childhood. For the oldest among you, of course.

A legendary machine

The others, for their part, will undoubtedly discover one of the best machines in video game history, with its thousands of games. Too bad, however, that TheA500 Mini only closes a few. 25 to be precise. But, because there is a “but”, it will be possible via a USB key, to find all the games of the time, if you really want it!

As this dear Plume wrote, the machine in question takes the design of this bike which will have been a great springboard for many creators and demomakers. Thereby, THEA500 Mini will emulate the Amiga 500 (OCS) but also its later versions with ECS (Enhanced Chipset), such as the Amiga 500 + and the Amiga 600, and the Amiga 1200, champion of the AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture) ). All for € 129.99.

The interface of TheA500 Mini.

As you read in the super touting headline of this info, the full line-up of titles available at launch has been revealed. Or at least, competed. If we already knew many of them, here is the updated list.

Indeed, during the last months, the complete list of games included has been more or less revealed. But she’s final sleepiness, today’s announcement. We add Stunt Car Racer, signed Geoff Crammond (NDTraz: one of the games I have played the most in ALL my life!). This title received critical acclaim when it was released in 1989.

Other games have also been announced recently including Arcade Pool and Project-X Special Edition 93 of Team 17, F-16 Combat Pilot of Digital integration and Super Cars II of Gremlin.

The legendary Amiga 500 … Lost! This is THEA500 Mini, folks.

We left 500 …

The full list includes 25 games, so everyone will be able to find at least one of the titles that they liked so much at the time. In addition, if you have other Amiga games, they can be played via a USB stick using the WHDLoad feature of the THEA500. Users will be able to change configuration, control options as well as display settings.

In divine ways, know that the THEA500 Mini is scheduled to leave the warehouse in early January 2022. Also, due to high fan requests, mouse and keyboard packs will also be available separately in certain territories.

Developped by Retro Games Ltd. and distributed by Koch Media, the THEA500 Mini comes out with its original mouse, the one with two buttons, but will also be accompanied by a new precision controller with 8 buttons, allowing you to choose according to your desire. In addition to the on-screen keyboard, you can plug in an additional PC keyboard for more convenience and additional functionality.