Then Amazon comes to Sweden – everything you need to know

After Amazon finally officially confirmed that a launch in Sweden is going on, the rumors about the internet giant have completely exploded. But where is it really confirmed and what does this mean for you as a consumer? Here we gather what we know at the time of writing and what you can take part of right now!

When will Amazon come to Sweden?

You have probably heard for a long time that the e-store giant Amazon is about to be launched in Sweden, but now it is closer than ever. Amazon has confirmed that it is working on an official launch in Sweden, and has even managed to find out what the Swedish side will look like. So far, everything is very secret, and although it is speculated that the launch may be as close as a few weeks away, we do not have an official date yet.

Amazon se managed to surf into the Swedish domain and check out what will look like.

Why is this a big deal?

There has been talk of Amazon’s entry into Sweden for a long time now, so why is this really such a big news? The reason is that Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce will have major consequences for existing Swedish retailers. Amazon therefore has the muscle to push down prices in segments where the margin is already very low, such as technology. This can make it difficult for smaller, Swedish retailers to compete.

What does that mean for me?

Actually, this means for the consumer only that we can now surf on a Swedish site when we shop from Amazon. Because Amazon is so gigantic in so many different areas, it means that you can buy more different products at the same time as has not been possible on any Swedish site before, from teapots and shirts to lingonberry jam and TVs. The reason they can offer all of this is because Amazon is a marketplace for other retailers and individuals who can sell through their site.

In addition to its large selection, Amazon is also known for its fast delivery. For those who are Prime members in other countries, for example, can receive super fast delivery the very next day. Whether this will be available in Sweden remains to be seen, but we can already now Become a member of Prime on other, international sites.

Can I shop from Amazon right now?

In fact, Swedish consumers have already been able to shop from Amazon for a long time now. Perhaps the most flexible is via the German side, as we do not have to pay customs duties and extra fees for shopping outside the EU, and that they use the same electrical outlets as us. But we can also shop from other international Amazon sites, such as the US and the UK.

Swedish consumers can also take advantage of other services from Amazon’s offering right now. For example, we can stream from their service Prime Video here, or listen to audiobooks in their service Audible here.

Prime Video
On Prime Video, we can stream series such as Fleabag and Ur Varselklotet.

What about shipping?

Since Amazon is not only a traditional online store with its own warehouse but whose site acts as a marketplace for other retailers, not everything you order from Amazon’s Swedish website will be sent from Sweden. How it will work and what shipping prices apply in Sweden remains to be seen.

Will Alexa also come to Sweden?

It is not too far-fetched to imagine that Amazon will also take the opportunity to launch its voice assistant Alexa in Swedish in connection with the opening of the doors for a Swedish This is because Amazon will probably want to sell their own products with Alexa integrated in Sweden as well, such as their smart Echo speakers. But we have not yet received any concrete information about this.

The article is updated regularly.