Therefore, HP drivers began to be classified as malware on Mac

”[Program] will damage your computer ” reads the scary error message when Mac OS detects a program that has either been flagged as maliciously crafted with Apple’s Xprotect system or whose developer certificate has been revoked.

A few days ago, some users with HP printers started receiving constant error messages of the kind claiming that “HPDeviceMonitoring.framework” will harm your computer. But it’s not about someone hacking into HP and infecting the company’s software.

Howard Oakley on Eclectic Light Company has together with Thomas Reed at Malwarebytes found the explanation, and HP has now also confirmed what happened.

It turns out that HP “accidentally” canceled many of its older printer drivers for Mac, which immediately caused Mac OS to crash. Users have found that printers work if they choose a default mail script driver instead of the HP model-specific one.

Apple and HP should now have restored the certificate, but some users continue to report the problem so it does not seem to have been completely resolved anyway. If you are one of these, you can try deleting the old driver and deleting the printer, then adding it again and downloading the driver again. Then it should have the new, approved certificate.

HP has posted one support document that goes through how you do.