These were the most read articles on Swedish Wikipedia 2020

Wikimedia Sweden, the support association for Wikipedia, has now compiled the most read articles on Swedish-language Wikipedia for 2020. In total, pages were displayed on Swedish-language Wikipedia about a billion times during the year.

The first place went to the article about the Spanish disease which was shown over 1.1 million times, of which about 80 percent were from a mobile phone. By far the most for the year and for obvious reasons. In 2019, the article had only 81,000 views.

In second place was the article about Sweden with approximately 837,000 views, of which 56 percent were mobile phones.

Third place was the article about Coronavirus with 776,000 views and a total of 372 edits made by 159 users.

In fourth place we find the article “List of name days in Sweden in date order” which was viewed 684,000 times.

In fifth place was the article about Elizabeth II with 593,000 views. According to Wikimedia Sweden, the article is relatively well-visited every year and usually tops at the same time as a new season of The Cown is released.

In the rest of the top ten we find:

6. Donald Trump – 492,000 views
7. Pandemic – 482,000 views
8. The Greek alphabet – 464,000 views
9. List of countries by population – 450,000 views
10. Joe Biden – 447,000 views

Anyone who wants can also see the list of the 500 most viewed articles for 2020 here.

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