This highly unofficial Among Us song is really a cry for help

Hot Dad is an artist you may have stumbled upon on YouTube in recent years. On the one hand, he appeared last year with his alter ego The Chowder Man in fantastic Hypnospace Outlaw, but he also makes songs on his own that are as absurd as they are funny.

Maybe you recognize I Really, Really, Really Like This Image or his back cover of Smash Mouths All Star. His latest song The Among Us Song is unsurprisingly about Among Us. Or, well, maybe not at all.

What at first seems like a genuine attempt to jump on the popularity of a popular game turns out to be rather a parody of just that kind of viral wannabe videos. Lines like “You use social deduction to play / My views and subs are down, this is the only way” speak their clear language.

This is not Hot Dad’s first game-inspired song either. As I said, he has previously contributed music to Hypnospace Outlaw, including this wonderful Christmas song from last year:

He has also released songs about Undertale, Pokémon Go, as well as the erotically charged The Game Zone.