This is AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s upscaling technology

Now AMD has finally presented its answer to Nvidia’s almost magical Deep Learning Super Sampling technology (dlss). At the company’s virtual press conference during the Computex trade fair, AMD presented the Fidelityfx Super Resolution (fsr), as the new technology is called.

AMD has chosen a more traditional upscaling technology that takes an image rendered in a lower resolution and enlarges it with various techniques to increase the sharpness and fill in the new pixels in a smart way. It differs from dlss which starts like this but uses machine learning and feedback over time to increase the perceived resolution.

The biggest difference, however, is that fsr is open source and works on many more graphics cards than dlss. Nvidia’s technology will only work on the new RTX cards, while AMD’s technology will work on all Radeon cards from the 400 series onwards. But not only that: it also works on Nvidia Geforce cards in the 10 series and onwards.

To prove it, AMD’s Radeon CEO Scott Herkelman showed the game Godfall on a GTX 1060, which gets 41 percent more frames per second with fsr enabled.

Fsr will be released June 22. AMD says that 10 game studios and game engines will start supporting the technology in 2021, but that it will become significantly more common in games in 2022.