This is Fitbit’s new luxury fitness tracker – Luxe

Fitbit has now presented its first product after the company was bought by Google, the luxury fitness tracker Luxe.

Luxe is described as the thinnest fitness tracker ever and according to Fitbit themselves should also be the most comfortable to sleep with. The fitness tracker has a steel case which according to Fitbit is manufactured with the same process used for jewelry. Luxe completely lacks buttons and is controlled by an oled touch screen in color. The bracelet does not have its own GPS but is connected to a mobile for this. The battery should last for a full five days on one charge.

In addition to measuring your heart activity, Fitbit Luxe also has a new tool for calculating how stress-prone you are based on your activity level, your sleep schedule, heart rate, and more. The stress measurement tool will also be released for Fitbit’s other products. Sometime after the launch, Fitbit Luxe will also be able to be used to measure oxygen saturation in the blood, reports The Verge.

Fitbit Lux can be pre-ordered now, but so far there is no release date more than sometime in the spring. Price is 149.95 dollars, corresponding to about 1260 kronor, excluding VAT. The fitness tracker works with both Android and iOS. The price includes six months of Fitbit Premium, which otherwise costs around SEK 100 a month. In the same vein, Fitbit has also released a new mindfulness and wellness program for Premium users, created by Deepak Chopra, which includes over 30 audio and video sessions.

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