This is how Samsung will increase interest in mobiles with folding screens

With the help of a major advertising campaign later this year, Samsung will try to get more people to be attracted by their foldable phones, this writes Bloomberg. During a conference call where Samsung’s financial quarter was discussed, much focus was placed on phones with folding screens.

During the conversation, Samung’s management promised that they will do a major advertising campaign for a phone with a foldable screen that will be launched on August 11, which is expected to be Galaxy Fold 3.

“The aim of the campaign is to become a major player in the premium segment, especially now that they are facing much tougher competition in the mid-price segment from Chinese mobile manufacturers,” says Jene Park, senior analyst at Counterpoint.

“The absence of this year’s Galaxy Note series will be a positive factor for Fold 3 sales.”

To succeed in this, Samsung must succeed in appealing to the so-called mainstream customers, who today are both doubtful about the form factor of these phones, and partly the high prices the phones also suffer from.

Counterpoint estimates that sales of smartphones with foldable screens will increase to 15.4 million units globally, from 8.6 million units sold in 2021 and three million units in 2020.