This is how Zephyr – Razer’s rgb-equipped mouthguard becomes

Razer has now released its rgd-equipped mouth guard Zephyr. The mouthguard is equipped with two N95-rated filters that work both when inhaled and exhaled. The filters should last for three days and can be replaced.

RGB lighting is then available externally for flair and internally to illuminate the wearer’s face. There are also a couple of fans to suck in air and cool the face. The fans should last for 8 hours on one charge. The filtration itself works just as well with and without fans.

Zephyr is sold together with three sets of mouth guards for 100 dollars, corresponding to approximately 858 kronor. It is also possible to buy a starter pack for 150 dollars (approximately 1285 kronor) which comes with 33 sets of filters, which is enough for 99 days of use. Another 10 sets of filters cost $ 30. (approx. SEK 257)

Razer clarifies that the Zephyr mouthguard is not classified as medical equipment.

Zephyr was originally presented at CES under the working name “Project Hazel”. That version of the mouthguard also had a voice amplifier and its own bag for battery charging. Something that the finished version of Zephyr does not have.

Razer Zephyr can be purchased starting today via

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