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This is The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

This is The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Bethesta 2022.
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Bethesta 2022.

Its time! We have now entered the time of year when new adventures are common The Elder Scrolls Online. This year we get the opportunity to travel to the island kingdom of Systres and visit the chivalrous society the Bretons are descended from. Legacy of the Bretons is the name of this year’s saga there High Isle is the expansive chapter that expands the game with lots of content. Like last year, 2022 will see several updates that drive the story forward and this time political intrigue and conspiracies are at the center.

The peace of the Sisters is threatened when a mysterious organization of knights, led by the enigmatic Ascendant Lord, claims an ancient heritage. Your task will be to dig into the conspiracies and find your way through the political game that dominates the nobility. Above all, you need to put a stop to those who want to overthrow the rulers so that peace negotiations between the powers of the mainland can proceed.

Compared to previous epic expansions, it is refreshing to see a slightly more down-to-earth threat ahead of us. While it’s exciting to take up the fight against ancient vampires, ferocious dragons and demonic rulers, we’re convinced that developer Zenimax will impress us with human opponents.

If you missed Bethesda’s broadcast where they uncovered High Isle and this year’s layout can see the replay on Youtube.

Legacy of the Bretons

On March 14, the story begins with the Dungeon DLC Ascending Tide, which contains two new PvE dungeons. These are The Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret in which you explore the remains of a successful marina and attack a coastal base belonging to the mysterious group Ascendant Order.

Although these are independent adventures, they relate to the overall story Legacy of the Bretons and will serve as the introduction to the chapter High Isle. If you plan to follow the entire saga in 2022, you should also keep an eye out for free prologues that pave the way for overall events in Legacy of the Bretons.

The highlight of the year will be High Isle, the chapter that expands The Elder Scrolls Online with new features and areas to explore. High Isle will be released on June 6 on PC followed by consoles two weeks later. High Isle will focus on the intrigues surrounding Ascendant Lord and her attempts to overthrow the Order of the Sisters and likely declare war on the rest of Tamriel.

The Ascendant Lord, Bethesda 2022.
The Ascendant Lord, Bethesda 2022.

Later in the year we can expect another Dungeon DLC after High Isle, followed by a concluding Story DLC that rounds out the story. Information about these will come at a later date. But like previous fairy tales, these relate to the overall story and the Dungeon DLC can be seen as bridges between story-focused expansions. Players who want to experience the story in its entirety therefore need to buy all the DLC in addition High Isle. An alternative is to become a Plus member, which gives access to all the game’s DLC.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an ongoing story, therefore each calendar year is dedicated to focused fairy tales. And to those tales, there is a big chapter every summer that expands the basic game with lots of content. High Isle is this year’s chapter and will take The Elder Scrolls Online back to the roots, that is, the narrative. Instead of taking up the fight against overwhelming opponents who threaten all life, this time we will be drawn into more human games of power.

Over the sea there is an island kingdom called Systres which consists of the islands High Isle and Amenos. There lives a noble and chivalrous society of Bretons. It is an elitist, feudal society and the homeland of the people. The population lives in fortresses and castle towns, where tournaments are a form of entertainment for both the mob and the nobility. The islands have a rich wildlife with sandy white coastal cliffs and dense jungles. And since the island kingdom is separated from the rest of Tamriel, delegations from the mainland have gathered to try to make peace between them.

In the shadow of the peace talks, a threat arises. A secret society of knights with the intention of overthrowing the ruling government and counteracting the formation of peace between the powers of the mainland. Assassinations, political games and conspiracies threaten to ignite a new spark in the war. To prevent a political catastrophe, you and your friends need to pierce the lies and reach the Ascendant Lord, the leader of the group that has everything to gain from the continent continuing its war.

New way to pass the time

The big news with High Isle is the brand new activity players will be able to pass the time with: a trading card game! It was really just a matter of time before The Elder Scrolls Online would get a card game in the game itself. It’s called Tales of Tribute and is integrated in such a way that you can play it on your own against NPCs, or against other players you encounter. Tales of Tribute has a story mission that sees you challenge specific card players in Tamriel, in addition it has a PvP ranking system for the players who are competitive.

Tales of Tribute is a resource-based card game that aims to be strategic and collect points through resources. Players use a so-called Patron, which dictates the style of play. The player who gathers the most resources wins the match. Zenimax will tell you more about Tales of Tribute as we approach release.

Cards can be unlocked through a variety of activities. They can be found as loot, rewards by mission, and more. Most likely, the cards are integrated into all of the game’s systems. In the same way, the rewards from Tales of Tribut are varied and spread through all aspects of the game. You can win cosmetic items, furniture, as well as transmutation stones and much much more.

Tales of Tribute, Bethesda 2022.
Tales of Tribute, Bethesda 2022.

A new chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle will be released on June 6 for PC and Mac followed by Playstation and Xbox on June 21. In addition to introducing an exciting new story and taking us to new environments in the Elder Scrolls universe, it also contains the usual additions we have come to expect. Achievements, new weapons and armor with associated set bonuses, bosses, caves and world events. As well as my personal favorite in The Elder Scrolls Online, side quests! The successful function Companions, which premiered with Blackwood, sees an expansion High Isle and introduces two new computer-controlled partners you can recruit and get to know!

Varvat has covered The Elder Scrolls Online for several years now and we will investigate High Isle as it approaches keep an eye on our site for news and reviews. We can highly recommend The Elder Scrolls Online as it is a solid online role-playing game with a shameless amount of content (even for free players). Do you love fantasy role-playing games and Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls Online a superb escape from reality with lots of entertaining adventures to experience.

As I said, we are positively surprised that this year’s story focuses on more fashionable adventures, as the epic tales of recent years have begun to touch on the excessively spectacular. We look forward to jumping on the next ship to the Sisters and experiencing this highly Arthur-inspired adventure.

You can read more about Legacy of the Bretons and The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle on the game’s official website.

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