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This is the Fire Ring – out on Friday

This is the Fire Ring – out on Friday

An overview of Elden Ring, like this before Friday’s big release.

On February 25, From Software’s hotly anticipated action role-playing game arrives Elden Ring. Produced in collaboration with award-winning author George RR Martin and with the legendary game developer Hidetaka Miyazaki at the helm is Elden Ring a game gamers worldwide are looking forward to.

Soon the gates to the mysterious Lands Between will be opened and we, in the role of banned warriors, will be the pillar of the current power struggle. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed as we explore its secrets, kill its abominations and rise in strength with fantastic weapons and devastating spells.

If you are happily unaware of what this is Elden Ring is for something, I welcome you to the Parish Fire Ring. Take a look at the trailer above and feel free to read our arguments as to why Elden Ring will be the best game of the year. Then you also have the game official website. And if you really want to get up to the elbows with Elden Ring I can highly recommend VaatiVidya who thoroughly analyzes the game.

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