This will be the Final Fantasy creator’s new game on Apple Arcade

One of the most exciting upcoming games on Apple’s gaming service Apple Arcade is a role-playing game developed by the company Mistwalker, led by none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi who was behind many of Square Enix’s classic role-playing games.

The game is called Fantasian and it will be released later this year. Now new details about the game have been presented, and in an interview with Polygon tells Hironobu Sakaguchi about both the game itself and its development.

The fantasy is called a diorama role-playing game. This is because the game’s environments are over 150 dioramas that were first created by hand before they were digitized for the game. It gives the game a unique look reminiscent of model movies, and placed special demands on the developers because they, for example, could not make changes to the design afterwards.

The game has borrowed many elements from the early Final Fantasy games, but the masterpiece Final Fantasy 6 in the lead, but Hironobu Sakaguchi says that the developers also wanted the same spirit of being innovative as the then Square had during the development of that game.

The most obvious result of this is a system called Dimengeon, which means that the typical random battles that you end up in as close as possible in the Final Fantasy games do not interrupt your exploration but gather in another dimension. When you are ready, you can then embark on all battles in one fell swoop.

For fans of the genre, it should also be mentioned that the game’s music was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.