Thrillseekers enter the arena

Today, Respawn and EA have announced the latest event for Apex Legends. Thrillseekers starts on July 13 and continues until August 3. With the event also comes a new arena map that turns the ground into lava, as well as crisp new skins.

The new arena map is called Overflow and differs from other maps in the same game mode by being more linear. Each place is separated by tall, lava-filled structures. Thanks to this topographical segregation, players must stay on their toes and be alert. There are always risks of being flanked, but at the same time you can surprise your opponents. This map will be the seventh addition to the rotation.

Every week the event will offer rewards tracks. The first week gives players a chance to unlock Rampart Wastelander seat, which includes a matching coat of arms, coat of arms and a legendary Rampartskin. Week two offers boosters for those with Battle Pass, crafting metals and Apex packs. Week three comes with one Lethal Enforcer Bangalore skin with more.

Starting the same day pulls Summer Splash Sale running and will be until July 27. With it come fan favorites like Youngblood and Voidwalker back, along with various sales at Apex packs.

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