Thunderbolt 5 looks to be a major upgrade

If you think that Thunderbolt 4 is fast, Thunderbolt 5 will definitely impress with its 80 Gbps.

It is Intel’s own development division in Israel that happened to drop a picture on social media that showed what Thunderbolt 5 will go for.

What we can read in the picture is that the transfer speed on Thunderbolt 5 will be as much as 80 Gbps, which is a doubling compared to today’s Thunderbolt 4.

This should be possible because Thunderbolt 5 will use “PAM-3 modulation technology” and is a completely new technology that will increase bandwidth significantly in the future.

Exactly when Intel plans to talk and confirm the specification for Thunderbolt 5, we look at Thunderbolt 4 so it was confirmed in January 2020 and the specification for Thunderbolt 4 was delayed until July 2020, so we will probably have to wait a few months before Thunderbolt 5 is actually presented or confirmed by Intel.