Thunderful is developing a new game in collaboration with LEGO

Swedish Thunderful now reveals that together with LEGO Group they have a new, creative adventure game underway. LEGO Bricktales produced by Clockstone Studio, known for, among other things, Bridge Constructor.

IN LEGO Bricktales we get to travel through a series of Lego worlds with different themes and different challenges. The game promises to evoke the player’s creative vein when it comes to building their own solutions to the puzzles they are faced with. In the trailer, we can see that each challenge can have several solutions and it is simply a matter of creating the perfect construction for the task.

The game has been under development for more than two years and the release seems to be set for sometime in 2022, but no closer date has been set. We also do not know which platforms are relevant for LEGO Bricktalesbut the game’s design makes it look absolutely perfect for the Nintendo Switch.