Thunderful World – A summary

The publisher Thunderful held its first digital presentation – Thunderful World – on Wednesday night. In it we got to take part in a little over half an hour of news, previews and trailers. It was all presented by none other than Mark Hamill in the form of a charming sketch that brought him together with several key people behind the publisher and their portfolio. This article follows a summary of the game titles presented during the broadcast. Rather than a chronological division, we choose to publish by news value.


Wavetale is a story about a flooded city and a young girl with the ability to walk (and run) on water. It was released directly in conjunction with Thunderful World – but only on Google Stadiums. Wavetale will also be released for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Laika: Aged Through Blood takes a dirt bike and rides it to the post-apocalypse. The trailer voice called the game “the first motorvania game”, which undeniably attracts attention. This motor vania will be released on both PC and console.

Hell Pie is another three-dimensional platform game with action elements. It looks both free and well-polished, with a colorful palette and robust brawl system. It comes to both PC and console.

Swordship is a roguelike game with the same high-octane action that puts F-Zero and Fast RMX on the map. However, it is rather a death rally and is played from a completely different perspective. Its graphic style also makes it stand out from the crowd of futuristic hover games. Swordship is under development for both PC and console.

Togges is a puzzle platform game that seems to have a focus on physics. The trailer says more than my words can do the concept justice. The game has no release date other than an indefinite 2022, but you can add it to your wish list in Steam if you are interested.

SteamWorld Headhunter was the big news of the evening and had to round off the evening. However, we did not get much more than a teaser, but neither gameplay nor even genre. But now we know that the gear of the SteamWorld universe is still rotating, at least.

Coming soon

White Shadows is a platform puzzle that looks to combine the best of Limbo and Little Nightmares. The trailer was accompanied by a hissy rendering by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovs Bumblebee escape which makes one wonder what tone the game is actually aiming for. We’ll know when White Shadows released on December 7 – in less than four weeks.

The Gunk is from the creators of Steamworld, Image & Form. It’s a 3D platformer where you play as the explorer Rani. Together with a small team, she explores a new, alien planet and uncovers all its mysteries. The Gunk was one of the games presented by an outsider, in this case Rani’s voice actress Fiona Nova. The game will be released on December 16, on PC and both current Xbox generations.

A shock without a date

Cursed to Golf is an odd, retro-inspired golf game that will be played from the side (as opposed to from above or in full 3D). This is old news for some of us, and unfortunately still has no release date. You can at least add it to your wishlist on Steam. Cursed to Golf will also be released on consoles.

Super Meat Boy Forever released to mobile. It is already available on PC, PS4, XBO and Switch, so if you have not played it yet, you now have an extra platform to choose from.

Planet of Lana is still on g and still has no set date yet. And it still looks really nice!

Firegirl looks like Octopath Traveler meet Mighty Switch Force 2. It is described as a rogue bit where you as a firefighter have to put out fires, save civilians and try to find out why said fires suddenly seem to be raging throughout the city. Firegirl is on its way to PC and consoles.

Crowns and Pawns is a new post in the classic point-and-click genre of adventure games. The game’s main character, Milda, inherits a large sum of money from an older relative and is thrown into a drama with mystery, history and choices that will affect the direction of the story. This is released exclusively on PC so far.

A reminder (out now)

Industria is rather out already now (it was released on September 30), but it did not fit anywhere else. It will also be ported to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sometime next year. It seems to be worth exploring for you who like short FPS games with a lot of story and atmosphere.

Tinkertown has been in Early Access games for almost a year, and will get a major update soon. The game is reminiscent of a mix of Minecraft Dungeons and Wanderlust (a game possibly no reader has run).

Source of Madness is a roguelite game in the Lovecraft universe and was released in Early Access on September 22 this year. The step-by-step and randomly generated world should apparently be able to be influenced by an AI that reads the player’s behavior. Maybe you’ve had the trip to test this, but if you do not have it, Thunderful World is here to remind you that it exists.

And a concluding important message to the public

Steamworld Dig 2, one of the most appreciated games from Thunderful’s catalog, can be downloaded for free via Steam For about half an hour more. Hurry to make a bargain!