Tibber Pulse comes to Sweden – collaborates with Philips Hue

Tibber Pulse is a tool that connects to your electricity meter and that measures the electricity consumption throughout your home in real time every two seconds. The data is then sent to an app so you can get a detailed look at your power consumption.

The first generation of the product was launched in Norway and now the sequel, which promises improved stability, technology, durability and design, will also come to Sweden.

Tibber Pulse only works with more modern types of meters that have a HAN port, which is so far relatively uncommon in Sweden. However, there are plans in many places to switch to them in the coming years.

Tibber Pulse also collaborates with Philips Hue’s smart bulbs which can be controlled directly from the Tibber app. However, to be able to connect Hue lamps to Tibber, you need a Hue Bridge or other smart hub such as Homey.

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