Tiktok downloaded 89 million videos in six months

The video sharing app Tiktok has now released its transparency report for the second half of 2020. According to the report, Tiktok deleted over 89 million videos during the period because they violated the platform’s rules and general conditions in various ways. According to Tiktok themselves, the videos should make up less than one percent of all uploaded clips.

Nearly 92 percent of videos should have been deleted before being reported by users, while 83 percent of them were deleted before anyone saw them and 93 percent were removed within 24 hours of being uploaded.

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More than six million Tiktok accounts are also said to have been closed during the period for violating Tiktok’s rules. The social media app also rejected over 3.5 million ads because they were considered to violate Tiktok’s advertising rules.

To spread accurate information in connection with the corona pandemic, Tiktok says, they have developed an information hub for covid-19 which has been visited 2.6 million times. They have also placed an information banner for covid-19 on over three million videos.

Tiktok is currently estimated to have over 800 million monthly users according to Data portal. The majority of Sweden’s young people are estimated to use the app.