Tile asks EU for help – thinks Apple is putting sticks in their wheel

Tile, the company behind a series Bluetooth trays that can be used to keep track of where you got your stuff, is now asking the EU for help as they believe Apple is abusing its power and favoring its own products, reports Financial Times, via macrumors.

According to Tile, Apple makes it deliberately harder for people to use Tile’s products on the iPhone because the company has its own app to find things. Among other things, changes made by Apple in iOS 13 that prompt users not to use location tracking that is always on.

Tile also believes that their products are not receiving equal treatment in the App Store and that Apple has terminated their agreement to sell Tile products in the company’s stores.

Earlier, there are recurring rumors that Apple is in the process of releasing its own gadget tracker tags, Airtags, which works similarly to Tile’s products. Apple firmly rejects the allegations of unfair treatment and defends its decisions by protecting the user’s privacy.

Tile therefore asks the EU to take a closer look at Apple’s approach. The EU has responded that as a result of the accusations, they will launch a preliminary investigation. Tile has aired the same criticism in the US earlier this year.

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