Tile presents several news – Teknikhype.se


Tile has presented completely new products but also upgraded current products with several improvements that many will appreciate.

Tile has now presented a completely new novelty which is Tile Ultra, a badge that will more or less be the equivalent of the Apple AirTag. Ultra will, among other things, use ultra-wideband that will make it easier to find your Tile with, among other things, the camera on the phone.

But apart from the fact that Tile has released a completely new product, their current one has received a small upgrade. Among other things, Mate, Pro, Slim and Sticker where all have become IP67-rated, ie water resistant. The range will also be improved and is now 120 meters for Pro and 75 meters for the rest.

Every Tile products should now also have a higher ringtone should that the battery life should be a full three years according to Tile. the prices for all Tile are as follows:

  • Tile Pro – SEK 359
  • Tile Mate – 259 kronor
  • Tile Slim – SEK 359
  • Tile Sticker – SEK 309