Tim Cook calls for work on climate change at the UN summit

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a short speech in connection with the online event 2020 Climate Ambition Summit, where he said that both countries and companies around the world have an obligation to work to do something about climate change, reports Macrumors.

During the speech, Tim Cook highlighted Apple’s own environmental initiatives, such as the fact that their global facilities are now powered entirely by renewable energy. The company also aims to become emission neutral along its entire production chain by 2030. In his speech, Tim Cook stated that:

“That the choice is between economic profit and the future of our planet is false and every new green innovation is proof of that. This is not a time to make changes in the margin. Together we can move to an emission-free economy and move to a new era of opportunity.It’s a time of ambition, collaboration and leadership.We at Apple are excited to be your partners and urge companies and governments around the world to do everything we can to make 2021 the year we turn our direction for good. ”

Apple has previously faced great criticism from, among others, the United Kingdom for contributing to large amounts of electrical scrap by, among other things, opposing the right to repair electronics. Apple themselves say that they do not agree with the criticism and that it does not reflect their environmental work.

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