Tim Cook unleashes new volley in the quarrel with Facebook

On Thursday, the EU held a data protection conference, and one of the speakers was Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who took the opportunity to give Facebook a badly hidden boot.

“In fact, an interconnected ecosystem of companies and data brokers, sellers of fake information and those who sow division, of trackers and crooks who are just out to make a buck, are more present in our lives than ever,” Tim Cook began.

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He went on to praise the GDPR and demand more data protection laws around the world and international agreements that establish people’s right to privacy.

He then spoke warmly about what Apple has done to strengthen the privacy protections in its products and services, before coming to the criticism of Facebook. He did not mention the company by name, but it was clear what he meant.

Tim Cook went on to say that advertising flourished for decades before it was based on the accumulation of personal data, and that far too many still wonder what they can get away with and not what consequences their actions lead to.

– What are the consequences of prioritizing conspiracy theories and incitement just because they have the greatest commitment? … Of not only tolerating but rewarding content that undermines public confidence in life-saving vaccines? … Of seeing thousands join extremist groups and then maintain an algorithm that recommends more?

You can watch the whole speech afterwards Youtube.