Tim Cook wants to improve conversations with AR

As we were able to report the other day, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been interviewed by New York Times technology writer Kara Swisher and now it is possible to listen to the interview in its entirety on the podcast Sway.

In the interview, we learn, among other things, that Tim Cook sees AR (augmented reality) as a way to improve conversations.

– You and I have a good conversation right now. But it could probably be even better if we could strengthen the discussion with the help of diagrams and the like, says Tim Cook in the interview.

According to Tim Cook, AR can be useful in a wide range of areas, including health, education, sales and gaming. In other words, it gives an indication of what Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headsets can be used for.

When it comes to the information that Apple is planning an investment in self-driving vehicles, Tim Cook is secretive, but he acknowledges that the company sees autonomous systems as a key technology for the future.

In passing, Tim Cook says that he has never even spoken to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, but that he has great respect for the company.

Finally, we also learn that Tim Cook does not think he will remain as CEO for ten years, but he has a hard time imagining a life outside Apple.

Previously (2021-04-04):

Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared in a new interview on the well-known technology journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast for The New York Times. Something that was first noticed by Macrumors. The episode will not be published until Monday, but already now Kara Swisher has shared some excerpts.

Among other things, they talk about Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) which will be released in connection with iOS 14.5 and which means that all apps that want to access an iPhone’s ad identifier need permission from the user to track them online.

This has previously been criticized by Facebook, which says that smaller businesses rely on tracking and personal advertising and that Apple’s change will make such ads much less useful.

Kara Swisher has published part of Tim Cook’s response to the criticism where the Apple CEO says that:

“All we do, Kara, is give users the choice of whether or not they want to be tracked. And I find it difficult to argue against that. I have been surprised that there have been such strong backlash.”

In addition to the Facebook criticism, the new interview will also cover other topics such as Apple’s decision to remove the social media app Parler from the App Store and the “Tim Apple” incident.

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