Tim Sweeney: “Epic had agreed to a special agreement with Apple”

The main hearing between Apple and Epic has begun. On Tuesday, the court heard Epics CEO Tim Sweeney, who was questioned by Apple lawyers, reports 9 to 5 Mac.

Apple’s lawyer had questions about Epic’s use of Metal and other Apple developer technologies, among other things, and thereby tried to show that Epic has benefited from Apple’s work.

When asked directly whether Apple’s fee on the App Store is in line with other app stores, Tim Sweeney replied that it is the most common fee.

Apple also tried to show that the company, unlike Microsoft and Sony, has always allowed multiplayer between iOS and other platforms, and that neither Nintendo nor Sony allow players to use game currencies purchased on other platforms.

One of the most interesting questions was whether Epic would have accepted a special deal not offered to other developers, if Apple had offered it.

“Yes, I did,” replied Tim Sweeney.

Referee Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers asked why Epic is so keen to be able to sell “v-bucks” in the game on iOS when it is possible to log in and buy on another device or in the browser. Epic’s lawyer explained that it is impractical, but was rebuked by the judge.

– Is not it a reasonable way to handle it with a young user base? Why would you want to make it easy for them to impulse buy something? What you are asking for is the opportunity to act on impulse.

Tim Sweeney replied that Epic focuses on making it easy for customers.