Time flies! How to follow tonight’s Apple event

Under the slogan “Time Flies”, Apple has announced that there are frequent product launches. Tonight we get to know exactly what’s being released, though fairly secure advance rumors claims that there are at least one (probably two) models of Apple Watch, as well as an update of Ipad Air. There has also been an increasingly loud whisper about a software package, Apple One, which is expected to bring together several popular Apple services in one subscription.

How to follow the event

At 19.00 we will find out more. Apple will broadcast the event live on Youtube, where you can see the spectacle regardless of platform. The broadcast will also be on Apple’s own event page. As an additional option, you can take part in the event via Apple TV app on an Iphone, Ipad, Mac, Apple TV or Ipod Touch.

Join the MacWorld editorial team

Unlike Apple’s unusually late WWDC keynote this year, this time we will offer live coverage of the event. On macworld.se/live we report on the most important events, share expectations and chat with you readers about everything that is revealed. The site is under construction right now, but should be ready in good time for tonight’s event.

Keep up to date

We have written a compilation of rumors for tonight’s event. You can find it here!