Time for a big Satisfactory update

Satisfactory lives on and now Update 4 which is a major update has been released and there is a lot of new to look forward to.

Satisfactory lives up to its name when it comes to game satisfaction. Now the next big update has been released for the game called “Update 4” and there is a lot of new to look forward to.

Update 4 will, among other things, contain a hover pack, which makes it possible to hover and get to your factory more easily. What distinguishes Hoverpack from Jetpack is that Hoverpack runs on the same electricity network as the factory, so it is definitely built for the factory.

Some other news is drones so you can move material longer distances without problems, you can also use the drone to explore with. We can now also mount lights in or outside the factory to see better but also get a different atmosphere in their gaming.

Finally, we have new buildings and new machines, including Blender, Power Storage and Particle Accelerator.

To be able to test Update 4, you have to settle for “Experimental version”, but it must be stable enough to be able to play and test on all news.