Time for the playoffs – and Sweden represents at home – CS: GO

Yesterday offered three very different but oh so interesting CS: GO matches. The meetings concerned the last three places for the playoffs in the first major tournament in two years and the chance to play in front of a packed Globe. A playoff placement also means that players get a sticker immortalized in the game itself.

And for the most part, it was the skill, will and nerves of ice that would decide. The first match on Tuesday was the French top team Vitality against one of the top teams in the CIS region, Entropy. With an even victory in the first maps each using a total of 59 out of 60 possible rounds, the French finally proved that they were the more experienced team and decided the decisive map with 16-5.

For the evening’s first Swedish players, things went less well. “Olofmeister”, together with his team Faze, had trouble closing to the last little courage Virtus Pro and after a lead with a short distance to a decision, they lost their grip and VP made a recovery to win the second and third map. “Olofmeister” thus got stuck a match from reaching its fifteenth playoff in a major tournament.

At the end of the day, the decisive match awaited, where it would be decided whether any Swede would even be present and represent at home. The new star team, Copenhagen Flames, who made an incredible journey to get to the most coveted tournament in two years, gave the Swedish organization Ninjas in Pajamas a real nail-biter about who would pinch the final playoff placement.

The Danish team took a lead already in the first map, which they also secured, and continued to be the better team even in the entrance on the second. However, NiP found its way back and was able to secure the second map to lead up to a decisive meeting on the new Ancient map (see video at the top). As a perfect script on a day with even matches, the last map went to overtime before the Swedes could finally secure their representation.

On Thursday, the playoffs start and NiP plays its quarterfinal at 20:00. M3 will be on site in Avicii Arena to feel the atmosphere and maybe get the chance to talk to some interesting e-sports figures.