Time to see the horror in the white eye once again – House of Ashes is soon here

Next part in The Dark Pictures takes us to the mountains of Iraq where a group of American soldiers are trapped in an underground Sumerian temple. Cut off from the outside world, it will be your job to guide the group to safety. And it is, as usual, a great responsibility that rests on your shoulders, because at the same time as the soldiers are captured, an ancient, evil force is also awakened from an eternal slumber. And it needs blood!

IN House of Ashes the fate of each character rests in your hands and their survival is entirely up to you and your decisions. Without having tested the game, we can already promise that your ability to press the right button quickly will be crucial to your mission. Will you be quick and nimble enough to save Rachel King, Jason Kolchek, Nick Kay, Eric King and Salim Othman from this hell?

House of Ashes released on October 22, just in time for Halloween.