Tip: Portable air conditioning – 10 AC with fan

The air conditioning time now comes … with hopefully desire and clinging great. Because when summer does just that, Sweden is far superior to staying in. Which you probably have to do whatever the weather at least this summer. But! Swedish houses are built to keep the cold out, which makes them sweaty hot when the sun is shining. Fortunately, there are always cures for difficult situations, at least for M3 readers.


AC Cortina

Woods AC Cortina G is a compact and supple air conditioner that effectively lowers the temperature of the home on hot summer days to more bearable ones. AC Cortina has a digital touch panel, a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW (12,000 BTU) and fits in rooms up to 35 square meters. We like that it comes with window kits, so you don’t have to make ugly holes in the wall and instead carry the warm air out the window. If you are wondering, we can confirm that the air filters are washable.

Costs SEK 5,995 at CdonCDON

Chill with Electrolux

chill Flex

According to the manufacturer, Electrolux EXP26U338CW Chillflex Pro Silver has a “modern and aesthetic design for easier blending into the home”. We think it looks like a modern garbage disposal container, but it’s not the look we’re looking for. Electrolux portable air conditioning supplies cooling and uses minimal amount of energy. It also has built-in dehumidifier with a capacity of 1.2 liters per hour. Chillflex is adapted for rooms up to 35 square meters, has four fan settings and a cooling power of 3.4 kW (9,000 BTU).

Costs SEK 4,590 at Cdon

Cool and nice


Has one for air cooler and humidifier in one and the same shell. AEG LK 5689 helps to create a pleasant indoor climate in the home or workplace. The air cooler has a 90 degree angle function so you can easily adjust the air flow you want. The 4.5 liter water tank provides up to 20 hours of operating time without refilling. The machine is suitable for rooms up to 20 square meters and has three speeds for the exhaust.

Costs SEK 1,199 at trettio.se


Woods Venezia

Woods Venezia is a hearty 2,000 W air conditioner that quickly gives you a comfortable indoor climate on hot summer days. Venezia has a cooling capacity of 5.2 kW and can dehumidify over 50 liters per day. It is also equipped with a 24-hour timer and washable air filter. Woods Venezia also has a window kit that comes with everything you need to avoid making ugly holes in the wall and instead direct the hot air through a window.

Costs SEK 7 994 at Proffsmagasinet

Mobile cooling


Keep the home or event house cool and habitable during the hopefully hot summer with a mobile and compact air conditioner. Tristar AC-5529 has A-rated energy consumption and is suitable for rooms and other spaces with a size of up to about 80 square meters. To supply the exhaust air through the window as smoothly as possible and to prevent the hot air from entering the room is also included a cover strip for the window opening where the outlet for the exhaust air hose is located. The model is equipped with both water tanks for condensation water and hose connection for drainage in, for example, a floor well.

Costs SEK 3,495 at Proshop

Arctic for the egoist

Arctic Air

Arctic Air Ultra is ridiculously easy to use – just pour water into the tank, plug in and enjoy cooler temperatures! The 750 ml water tank is enough to cool the air for about eight hours. Arctic Air has a quiet three speed fan. Worth noting is that Arctic Air only cools the air around you – this one for a person, not for a home.

Costs SEK 499 at Shopping4net

Portable with app

Well P7

There is not a single product that does not have an app today! Air conditioning is no exception. The Electrolux Well P7 has a modern design and is easy to use via an app. It has an exciting feature called “Air Surround system” to ensure that your room is cooled evenly and efficiently. Electrolux Well P7 manages to cool air in rooms up to 40 square meters. For those who have been added to the more relaxed way (read “sleepwalk”), we can be pleased that a remote control is included – in case you probably do not have a smartphone.

Costs SEK 6,890 at köksaffären.se

Cool on wheels


Do you need to move your air conditioning between different rooms? This box can weigh 35 kilos, but stands on wheels for a smoother move. The air conditioner not only cools the air but also cleans it simultaneously with the help of a HEPA filter that removes dust, pollen and other unpleasantness.

PACW9COL Portable Air Conditioner
Award: From SEK 7,395 at Price hunting.

Discreet tower


Do you find it difficult to find a solution that does not disturb your aesthetic eye? This tower from Bionaire is one of the fresher alternative of the husband. Set the desired fan speed and possible oscillation using the LED display or the remote control and enjoy! The tower is 122 centimeters high and 16 centimeters deep.

Bionaire Tower Fan BTF002X
Award: SEK 1,059 at Buildor.se.

Bonus: Fan with multifunction

Dyson hot + cool link

M3 recommendsIn the fall when the weather returns to rough and cold, it is sad to not be able to use its new air conditioning. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is a fan and not a portable ac, but has lots of smart features. Not only does it also purify the air from various unpleasant pollutants, it also acts as a heat fan in the winter. When we tested it last spring, we liked the functionality as well as the user-friendly and informative app. Read the full test here!

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool
Award: From SEK 6,490 at Price hunting.