Titanfall leaves all digital business

Titanfall has been removed from all digital stores where it was released, and will also be taken from subscription services from March 1, 2022. Online gaming servers will remain turned on for the time being (nothing about how long has been said yet).

The studio behind the game, Respawn Entertainment, announced the move via Twitter on December 1 and gave no explicit reason why. Kotaku speculates that this is about the extensive hacking Titanfall happened since it was released.

Titanfall is (or was) a title with only multiplayer and online play only. A rather unusual combination when it was released on Xbox 360 (!), Xbox One and PC in 2014. It was criticized for being just multiplayer-oriented and completely without a single player component. This at the same time as it still cost full price. However, it is at a stable 86 points Metacritic and its demise is mourned by many. This applies not least to game historians and archivists of our digital entertainment heritage.

It always hurts a little when a good game is removed. But on the other hand, I have never played it myself and probably would not either, given my competition nerves. But still, it sucks that the option is completely gone now. Or maybe you can physically buy it for Xbox One or 360? It does not seem to be one Titanfall 3 some day soon, but…

Let’s hope it’s not just empty words.