Titanfall was surprisingly released on Steam – to negative reception

Titanfall was a brilliant multiplayer game that unfortunately did not really get the audience it deserved when it appeared in 2014. A big reason for this was probably that it was only released via EA’s own Origin service.

Recently, however, EA has begun to embrace Steam more, then games like The Sims 4 and Titanfall 2 recently appeared on the platform. Now Titanfall followed in the footsteps of his sequel and landed on Steam, but it probably could not have been treated worse.

The game itself seems to remain as good as before, but the user reviews are at the time of writing on “Mostly Negative”. Most people complain about technical problems, such as the sound not working at all, while others claim that the servers are not working.

Given that Titanfall only contains multiplayer, it is of course a huge problem if people immediately bounce off the game because they can not play it. If you want to take a chance yourself, it’s right now 60% discount.