TOP 5 best-selling Video Games in France for week 44 of the year 2021: The balls are firing

Like every Monday, the SELL unveils the TOP 5 of the best sales of video games in France. These are the sales of games on physical media for the 44th week of 2021.

Last week, Mario managed the small feat of dislodging the juggernaut FIFA 22 for a week, thanks to the best-of Mario Party Superstars. But because luck usually leaves you at the decisive roll of the dice, board games and other footballers are relegated to the third and fourth divisions of the French bestsellers, forced to dodge enemy balls.

So yes, you saw it coming: the industry’s blockbuster par excellence obviously squats a good number of weekly Top 5 places. Did you want it? You got it! Will the new Call of Duty return in week two to defend its title? here is a suspense bordering on unbearable. In the meantime, it was necessary to have all the power of Activision’s backfire game to see an Xbox game appear again in France’s physical bestsellers.

TOP 5 best sellers in France (week 44):

  1. Call of Duty Vanguard (PS5)
  2. Call of Duty Vanguard (PS4)
  3. Mario Party Superstars (Switch)
  4. FIFA 22 (PS4)
  5. Call of Duty Vanguard (Xbox One)

We will meet you soon for the classification of the forty-fifth week of sales, which promises to be full of surprises, unless one of the belligerents hoists the white flag …