Tradera buys itself free from Paypal

Tradera has been a part of Paypal since 2006, but no longer as the Tradera management buys away from Paypal.

When Tradera was acquired by Ebat in 2006, Ebay and Paypal were one, when Paypal chose to leave Ebat, they also got Tradera with them, something they now no longer have.

Tradera now announces that the management team for the company has chosen to buy the entire Tradera from Paypal, those who do this are Tradera’s CEO Stefan Öberg together with CFO Irene Werge, technology manager Patrik Akselsson, sales and marketing manager Pierre Norberg and last but not least product manager Daniel Wiskman.

Tradera has had a tough time in recent years, with a turnover of 350 million and 20 million in profit last year, so it looks like it can turn around now. Tradera has big ambitions now and wants to be in more countries with more currencies.