Trouble with customer ratings on Elgiganten – completely wrong products are included

Customer reviews are a common feature of e-commerce. They add transparency and credibility and are often used for marketing purposes when gadgets are “fronted” at retailers. It was therefore a confused reader who emailed M3 last week with the discovery that Elgiganten’s system in some cases seems to aggregate ratings and reviews from completely different products than the one he was looking at at the moment.

And quite rightly – when we do random sampling among the categories on Elgiganten, we note that one Redmi-mobil aggregates reviews of wireless headphones and dishwashers (!) and then mixes these with “genuine” reviews of the right product. One Iphone 12 includes ratings from the significantly older Iphone 7 and one Huawei phone has ratings from competing smartphone manufacturers.

Photo: ScreenshotReviews that incorrectly ended up on the purchase page for a Redmi mobile. Click on the image for a larger version!

The electricity giant uses a judging platform from Bazaarvoice. According to Elgiganten’s press spokesperson Li Persson, they are currently struggling with technical problems with their customer reviews.

– This has meant that about a hundred reviews have ended up on the wrong product page. Our IT experts are fixing the problem and we hope it is resolved soon.

We do not know exactly what the error is. We note that one and the same review of a specific product happened to end up several other pages. How long the incorrect ratings and reviews have been shown for the affected products on Elgiganten’s website is unclear. A quick look at the Nordic neighbors’ sister sites does not show the same problem.

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