Trove gets great update to consoles with Delves

trove, a voxel-based sandbox and online game that originally came in 2015, has now received its second update on Playstation 4 and Xbox One – delves. Delves introduces randomly generated caves and several game modes in which adventurers can go looting trains in these caves.

Players will be able to take on caves adapted to their level on their own or with seven other players. The three different game modes in Delves offer peculiar challenges with ever-graver caves and bosses the farther you come. Ordinary Delves let you jump into your own or a friend’s randomly generated cave. Public Delves lets players match each other to tackle caves together and Challenge Delves offers time-based caves with leaderboards. Delves can be enjoyed by all Trophy players.

Delves trailer for consoles.


trove is an online game with great sandbox features that allow players to create their own content and share with others. Basically has trove also a solid basic content consisting of missions, dungeons and loot so it looks lovely to. Whether you want to play just a little while or dive into character optimization and difficult dungeons, create something or just do missions with your friends, Trove should offer something to most players.

Through the collectively operated database Trovesaurus players can submit and share their creations with other fans as well as share various information and news.

interspersed have just peeled a little on the surface of trove but will report on the game in the near future, after we have had the opportunity to delve into the game and tested more of its features.

trove is available on PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s free to download and you can read more about it trove on its official website or with the publisher gamigo.