Twin Mirror – a thriller from Dontnod – out now!

Twin Mirror is out now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Game Store (exclusive for one year). You pick up the game for the small price of around SEK 309 on Epic and SEK 319 on Playstation Store. The game is complete and not an episode based game.

You take on the role of Sam Higgs, a retired and bitter reporter who returns to his hometown of Basswood after being on the run for several years. But the return is a tragic one as the reason is the bestie’s funeral. His return is fraught with intrigue and mysterious circumstances that put him in trouble. To help him, he has a fantasy fetus called the Doubble who acts as his conscience and a palace of thought where he can retreat…


Twin Mirror was announced already Gamescom 2018 and even then the game impressed me. That Dontnod Entertainment, the creators behind Life is Strange, was behind the game, my hype fired even more. But after the initial demonstration at Gamescom, the game fell into obscurity. It was not until early 2020 that the studio showed signs of life.

The game has since gone from an intended episode-based release to full-length games, and Dontnod Entertainment publishes the game themselves, with distribution from Bandai Namco and Epic Games Store. Changes have also taken place in Sam Higg’s appearance and his double which in 2018 was more of a joker.

In my preview of the game this summer, I got a very positive impression of Twin Mirror and can not save me! However, I would like to remind myself and other fans to lower our expectations. Considering the price, the game is a smaller production and probably has about 15 hours of playing time. In addition, it has developed in part during a pandemic. As we all know, the world situation is causing all sorts of annoyance.