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Dontnod idles in Twin Mirror.

Dontnod continues on his trampled path of important choices among motley people, but this time the problems shine through more than ever. The beautiful environments can not save the game from its unsympathetic protagonist, the thematic shortcomings and all the technical shortcomings.

Sam Higgs is an ass. He is also the digging journalist who revealed irregularities around the mine in his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia. When the mine later closed, Sam became a persona non grata in the small community and ran away. Two years later, he returns to attend the funeral of his friend and colleague Nick, but it does not take long before the fuss about the death begins to show. Sam and his ex-girlfriend Anna start digging into the mystery and it soon becomes clear that the quiet area of ​​the city hides something terrible.

Sam has no direct superpowers but can go to his mind palace to experience memories or recreate events. These sequences are aesthetically pleasing, but are really just a few layers of sparkling paint on top of a simplistic puzzle with a ready-made solution.

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What is it?

Sleepy small town mystery.


Dontnod Entertainment


Dontnod Entertainment


Approximate price

300: –


16 years

Tested on

I7 2600K, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM

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