Twin Mirror will be released on December 1st!

More of Sam’s detective skills emerge.

Dontnod Entertainment proudly presents the release date for their upcoming thriller Twin Mirror is on December 1, 2020 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Epic Game Store for PC (an exclusivity that lasts one calendar year). The day in honor is celebrated with a new trailer where we get to see Sam’s cognitive qualities. Among other things, we see him collect clues and then recreate events in his palace of thought. And he seems haunted by fear and anxiety.

IN Twin Mirror players shoulder the role of Sam Higgs, a cynical former digging reporter with unmatched analytical skills. In his palace of thought, where he can be himself, we get to know him and his past trauma. Among other things, the events that led to him leaving his hometown and his loved ones.

Feel free to read our impressions from a streamed viewing of Twin Mirror.

It is also in the Palace of Thought that players use information from clues around the world to recreate and analyze events. This is one of the game’s central mechanics for solving the mystery. The game’s second focus is the story and the encounters and interactions Sam makes. And here he gets help from his Double, an imaginary fetus created by Sam’s psyche to help him in socially difficult situations.

It is with great expectations and hopes that we await the release of Twin Mirror, which we hope will be Dontnod’s best so far!