Twitch has been hacked and a lot of information has been leaked

Twitch has ended up in enormous windy weather and this after they were hacked and a lot of information has been leaked.

If you have a Twitch account and are afraid of it, you should immediately change your password and activate 2FA.

What has happened is that an anonymous hacker has come across virtually all information from Twitch and all this data can be downloaded as a torrent file, however, the file is a full 125GB so it is a lot of data.

The information that was leaked thus includes the source code, information the users such as payments, among other things, and that passwords and other sensitive information about each user are included there as well.

The information about the users such as payments and the comment history only goes back to 2019, so there is a lot of information that has been leaked.

In any case, Twitch is busy fixing and closing all security holes, but the information is out there and you simply have to choose for yourself to believe all the info that is available online.