Twitch tackles harassment – bans “simp”, “incel” and “virgin”

The streaming platform Twitch updates its harassment policy by banning various terms when used with intent to insult someone.

“Simp” is one of the most frequently used insults, which usually refers to men who are desperate to get the attention of one or more women and court them in different ways. Two other terms that will no longer be allowed with the intention of insulting are “incel” and “virgin” (innocence in Swedish). Twitch will also ban emotes that contain the term simp.

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Twitch guidelines are being reviewed after they were flooded with reports of sexual harassment under their own roof and they have received complaints from many quarters that Twitch has ignored the problem for several years. The new guidelines will be introduced from 22 January 2021.


  • Simp: A slang term used primarily to insult men who court a woman with false hopes of gaining her attention.
  • Incel: Members of a group consisting of men who consider themselves unable to attract women and therefore behave hatefully towards them.
  • Virgin: Innocence. Used to insult men with the aim of making them appear pathetic and inexperienced.
  • Emote: Twitch has specific emotes that characterize the platform. Different streamers can design their own emotes that their subscribers can use.